Sunday, July 29, 2012

DON'T PANIC ! لا أخاف! Μη φοβάστε! Не бойтесь! مت ڈر ہے! डरो नहीं! घाबरु नका!


   The Divine order is out at the colorful time of Olympic 2012!

  If the earth needs to be saved, someone must intervene now.We humans have proved how worthy we are over the years in order to maintain our  planet and how successful we have been ! Greed has been our order of living which has blinded and enfeebled us over the generations. Now, someone must step forward and set the things right by love or by order. There is no way out.

  Our earth has been a part of the whole cosmos and all the planets and stars are supposed to be in rhythm. Any small disturbance and the ripples are felt all over the cosmos. We have been deaf and blind towards the plight of our brothers and sisters. Time and again Mother earth tried to alarm us by various signs and events. Again, we didn't have time to pay attention! We are cutting the very tree which has been providing us shelter and food. Everything has a limit and that has been reached.

  The world was created for evolution and not for degradation,degeneration and destruction. The creator is more wise than us! He has decided to redeem this helpless planet to those who are wiser, more advanced, more powerful and yet more loving and caring, more scientific and who care more for us than we do! They are our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters who have come from innumerable galaxies to help us, not to harm us. We owe a lot to our star brethren for what they have done and for what they will be accomplishing in coming days. Most of us don't know. A phenomenal event of ascension is underway which has never before happened in universe. And it will be no surprise, those helping angels will choose a time or event and a place which is being watched by the whole world right now. It is nothing other than the Olympics 2012 ! The galactic messengers have announced that they will be disclosing on or around August 4, 2012! (Time frames always subject to variation and overlapping) Let us welcome them. If there is any medal which is above gold, they deserve it.

  So, behold earth souls, we have been programmed that the aliens always harm us. Just throw  this idea out of our mind. The truth is far from different. They want to protect us. Have no fear and rejoice. What humanity is going to witness in coming days is unbelievable. Now, a UFO won't be a UFO, it will be IFO - Identified Flying Object! More stuff at

  Fear and love are two opposite polarities. Humanity has been so much infused with negativity, we are hardly able to see the opposite polarity of fear. LOVE will be guiding principal henceforth. In any event, our own heart is our never failing light house. Just close your eyes in peace and delve deep in your heart. The truth will try to surface with apparent ease.

  So, DON'T  FEAR !  لا أخاف! Μη φοβάστε!  Не бойтесь! مت ڈر ہے! डरो नहीं! घाबरु नका! Please translate it and send to those whom you love, hate and fear !!





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  1. Hmm...interesting! Let the time tell. And if it turn out to be true, a platinum medal for you !!